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    Depending on the need, the eyeliner can be pigmented, cosmetically widened or shaded at the top and / or bottom. The strokes are performed in the finest lines of eyelash line compression or, if desired, a little wider than the eyeliner. For this purpose, the lash line edge is compressed by me at the very eyelash line with a delicate line of eyelash, to give your eyes a beautiful and natural expression. The shape and subtleties of the eyeliner are individually adapted to the harmony of the face and your personal preferences. You can play sports, visit the sauna and your eyeliner will never smudge again.


Is there swelling in the eyelid pigmentation?

  • After a fresh pigmentation usually slight swellings develop, which go back quickly. Unlike the insensitive facial areas, the eyelids are sometimes a little red after treatment. Especially people with dry eyes and sluggish lymphatic function react with a slight swelling, which disappears within a short time by itself. It is recommended to cool the eye area several times with cooling pads after treatment.


  • Primarily, a careful color scheme is used to select a characteristic hue and subsequent irregularities can be harmonized and the desired enlargements can be drawn. Then, a delicate contour is pigmented and the pigmentation is terminated with lip shading. My color palette ranges from natural lip color to trend color.
Eyebrow Hairline 3D
  • Perfect eyebrows are the frame for a unique, individual look on your face. First, an individually matching color is selected and made a pre-drawing with special make-up pencils. When you are satisfied with your "new" eyebrows, the pigmentation of the finest hairs begins. You will be amazed.

After PMU treatment: For about five days, the pigmented skin forms a scab. This crust dissolves slowly, you should not scrape off this crust because you also replace color pigments. In this process must not be intervened, please do not use normal ointment or oils. The partner will offer you selected post-pigmentation medical care products that you should use for a better PMU end result. This will keep your skin supple and less pigments will fall off in the healing phase with the crust. In order to intensify these color pigments, a second treatment is usually necessary after about 3-4 weeks.

Shelf life: A permanent make-up is stable for several years and slowly brightens depending on the skin type over a longer period of time. How long the pigmentation lasts, also depends on the penetration depth, the color pigments used , skin density and metabolism of each individual. By means of a corresponding piercing, medical pigmentation can be refreshed at any time and adapted to the current beauty ideal.

One of the following treatments:

  • eyeliner above or below. Refresh
  • lip contours Incl. Refresh
  • Lip contours including shading and refreshment
  • Eyebrows incl. Refreshment
  • Make an appointment by calling +41 79 207 42 89 (mention the voucher)
  • Print coupon and hand in the appointment (order confirmation not sufficient)
  • In case of hindrance: Cancellation 24h in advance, otherwise the voucher expires
  • Validity: to 23-Jun-2021
  • Only one coupon per person
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