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Get rid of the Christmas pounds with the Group Fitness offers from fight4fitness.fight4fitness.benefit from unlimited access to all Group Fitness offers during 3 months.

Choose between:

  • Fitboxing - in pairs against the punching bag
  • hot iron
  • Fila Kick Power
  • step aerobics
  • Belly X-Press
  • Pilates
  • TRX Training
  • HIIT
  • Running
3-month fitness subscription at fight4fitness

  • Fitboxing

    In fitboxing the participants always perform their punches and kicks in pairs against a standing punching bag. So they work against a resistance. Fitboxing is not about punching and kicking as hard as possible. It is about touching the punching bag only briefly to be able to perform the next technique immediately. Different punching and kicking techniques are combined to a combination. The intensity is high. Fun, sweating, burning fat, strengthening of the entire body muscles are guaranteed.

    Fitboxing is a pure fitness program, i.e. martial arts aerobics and has nothing to do with self-defense or martial arts.

  • Hot Iron

    These rates have an optimal effect if they are applied periodically, i.e. alternately in certain periods. This increases the training effects enormously and leads to much variety! The application is perfect when each course is applied for 6 - 12 weeks with increasing training weights, in order to then change to the next logical training stimulus or course. In this way an optimal body fat reduction, perfect tightening and vitality with constant variety and rousing training experiences are achieved. All this without excessive demands!

    Level 1: HOT IRON™ 1
    Thrilling strength training with the barbell including technique training. For all those who do not achieve the training effects they desire with BBP (abdomen legs buttocks) and CO.

    Level 2: HOT IRON™ 2
    Even more firming, even more body fat reduction, even more health. The increase of HOT IRON™ 1 with more exercises and a mixture of hypertrophy and strength training stimuli.

    Level 3: IRON CROSS™
    The fast lane for the dream body in the IRON SYSTEM™, maximum body fat reduction, firming and everyday strength! This athletic course works with fewer repetitions than the previous courses, thus creating more taut, metabolically active tissue and ensuring an increased basal metabolic rate - i.e. 24 hours of calorie burning.

    So achieve figure and health with fascination:
    Rousing training experiences Unsurpassed, never-ending training effects in fat burning and toning Noticeable health promotion and increased quality of lifeUnbeatable time to benefit ratio.

  • Fila Kick Power

    Fila Kick Power is a combination of different elements from the martial arts. (Taekwondo, Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing and Thaiboxing). This form of training in a group offers all participants the opportunity to push themselves to their personal performance limits. In contrast to aerobics, participants can take individual breaks without losing the thread. Frequent repetitions of simple step patterns make this training easy to follow and efficient even for participants with little experience. It is a joint sweating, holding out, having fun, strengthening self-confidence and self-confidence.

    Fila Kick Power and Fit Boxing are pure fitness programs, i.e. martial arts aerobics and have nothing to do with self-defense or martial arts.

  • step aerobics

    The Step Aerobic program is a complete training program that trains every muscle in the body and thus activates the cardiovascular system by stepping up and down (climbing) on a height-adjustable platform and by working the arms at the same time. Due to the height adjustable platform, this training device is suitable for beginners, advanced, young, old, woman and man equally. step aerobics offers all the advantages of endurance training. Each participant has his own step, which is adjusted to himself and his height. under the term step aerobics is a choreography lesson, which is built up from various step sequences and finally results in a complete choreography.

  • Belly X-Press

    Abdominal X-Press is an intensive abdominal muscle workout that trains all the major abdominal muscles in 30 minutes to improve your posture. Flat stomach and six-pack are pleasant side effects!

  • Pilates

    Pilates is a systematic whole body training to strengthen the muscles, primarily the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles. Pilates is therefore a holistic body workout that focuses primarily on the deep, small and usually weaker muscle groups that are supposed to ensure a correct and healthy posture. The training includes strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing. The basis of all exercises is the training of the so-called "powerhouse", which refers to the muscles around the spine in the middle of the body, the so-called support muscles. The muscles of the pelvic floor and the deep muscles of the trunk are strengthened in a targeted manner. All movements are carried out slowly and fluently, which means that the muscles.

  • TRX Training

    TRX Training is an effective and at the same time efficient whole body training, which allows an enormous range of training movements as well as an almost unlimited variation of the angle and plane of movement. The body is challenged as a unit: Each exercise not only trains strength and endurance, but also improves torso stability, mobility, coordination and balance. Thanks to this holistic approach to training, you will quickly and safely improve your fitness, shape your figure and improve your posture.

  • HIIT - High Intensive Interval Training

    Power yourself in a highly intensive interval circuit training. You train over 3 rounds of 45 seconds at a time at a post with a specific topic (strength, strength endurance, endurance). Afterwards you have 15 seconds to change your position and start all over again. 1 round has at least 10 stations.

  • Running

    Increase your endurance in an outdoor running training. Different themes are possible: Long Jog (running training for longer distances). Interval training (short distances with regular changes of pace). Or preparation for a run.
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