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Metabolism optimization coaching

Metabolism optimization to strengthen your immune system, to improve your energy level and to achieve your dream figure.
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Do you want more energy, a more intact immune system, better digestion, deeper and more restful sleep and regeneration or do you want to lose a few kilos in the right places in a naturally sustainable way with delicious food? And all of this without the yo-yo effect. The metabolism optimization as well as the weight reduction program is easy, uncomplicated and easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

I will support you with important tips and valuable information on an active and vital way of life.

«Your food should be your medicine and your medicine should be your food» - Hippocrates (460-370 BC)

You get:

  • Important nutritional and vital substance tips for metabolic optimization
  • If necessary, weight reduction program
  • Exercise tips for everyday life
  • Free app with all the important tips, information and recipes to have your program with you wherever you go. (List of safe foods, basic recipes, weight loss recipes, 10 valuable nutrition tips, program overview, weight reduction overview, weight stabilization overview, experience reports, gymnastics exercises)
  • Vitality check
  • 4x coaching via Whattsapp or Zoom
  • Support (as much as you need) via WhatsApp or phone
  • Weight reduction program easily repeatable up to the desired weight and figure
  • Everything is very good and easy to integrate into everyday life


Registration procedure:

Contact Irene Nobs directly on +41 76 681 07 50. (Mention voucher)

  • Validity: from 24-Jan-2022 to 23-Jul-2022
  • Only one coupon per person
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About Irene Nobs - INjustmovecoaching


Are you looking for creative solutions, well-founded advice and support or a cooperation in the areas of health, prevention, losing weight, gaining weight and, above all, maintaining good health into old age? Are you looking for a part-time or main-job opportunity? The prerequisites for this are there and the foundation is extraordinarily stable after more than 27 years of consistency and, in the last year, worldwide 50% growth with our partner company. Like many others, I work beyond the limits with the new, simple technical possibilities that are extremely useful nowadays. I have many years of experience in coaching, personal development, team management, fitness, micronutrients and nutrition. I am by your side every step of the way.

Irene Nobs - INjustmovecoaching
Wylerstrasse 6, 3014 Bern, Bern
Phone 0041 76 681 07 50
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