990 CHF
495 CHF

Moving cleaning - 1 to 5.5 room apartment

Zurich - Zurich
495 CHF
990 CHF
495 CHF
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Professional removal cleaning by Clean Care Swiss GmbH.

Choose the right offer for you from the various options. Note that the number of square meters is crucial. The voucher is valid for all orders in the Canton of Zurich. Orders outside the canton of Zurich, please first consult with the partner.

  • 1- to 1.5-room apartment up to 40m2
    total effort: approx. 10 working hours
    Example: 2 employees for 4-5h or 3 employees for approx. 3h

  • 2- to 2.5-room apartment up to 65m2
    total effort: approx. 12 working hours
    Example: 2 employees for 5-6h or 3 employees for approx. 4h

  • 3- to 3.5-room apartment up to 85m2
    total effort: approx. 15 working hours
    Example: 2 employees for approx. 7.5h or 3 employees for approx. 5h

  • 4- to 4.5-room apartment up to 110m2
    Total effort: approx. 18 working hours
    Example: 2 employees for approx. 9h or 3 employees for approx. 6h

  • 5- to 5.5-room apartment up to 140m2
    total effort: approx. 24 working hours
    Example: 3 employees for approx. 8h or 4 employees for approx. 6h

The number of working hours can vary depending on the size of the apartment.

Included in the offer:
  • Personnel, travel, time and transport compensation as well as all work equipment

Not included in the offer:

  • screed
  • external laundry rooms
  • craft rooms
  • garage
  • winter garden
  • parking spaces

Attic and maisonette apartments for a surcharge. Terraces or conservatories possible with an additional charge by arrangement.

Appointments & redemption info

  • Appointments by phone on 044 523 61 09 (mention voucher) necessary.
  • No SMS or WhatsApp messages
  • Print out the voucher and hand it in at the appointment (order confirmation not sufficient)
  • Cancellation period: 48h in advance, otherwise the voucher will expire.
  • Each object is inspected by the partner before cleaning and discussed with the user. The offer applies to apartments with normal pollution levels. If the degree of pollution of the property is extremely strong, the partner can charge additional costs after consultation with the user and, in exceptional cases, even refuse.
  • Validity: to 26-Nov-2020
  • Only one coupon per person


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