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Professional moving aid

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Nuñez Moving & Transport
Brunaustrasse 200
Fahrweid - Zürich
+41 44 747 03 38
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Your partner for transport, packaging, moving, assembly and cleaning

The Nuñez Umzug & Transport company enables you to transport objects of all kinds without any worries. Good preparation is essential for this.

The Nuñez Umzug & Transport team disassembles and packs your goods properly before they are transported.

Even after the transport, the team is at your service and assembles your objects as required.

The company serves customers in Switzerland and all over Europe.


The corporate philosophy

Marcelo Nuñez has acquired many skills relating to moving and transportation over the years. Professionalism is important to him. He knows the nuances and special features that need to be taken into account when transporting or moving. His national and international professional experience has taught him to organize and handle transports in a structured manner.

He and his team are passionate transport and moving experts and appreciate the interpersonal contact that the transport and moving industry brings with it.

Care for the cargo is a matter of course at Nuñez Moving & Transport.

Satisfied customers are the team's greatest motivation .