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Evira Ayurlux - Eva Bodacz

Gesundheit - Ganzheitlichkeit - Schönheit

Sie stehen im Mittelpunkt in meine Praxis in Tübach! Alle Angebote richten sich nach Ihren Bedürfnissen.


Injection with 0.5 ml high quality hyaluronic acid
Your hyaluronic acid injection at Evira Ayurlux - Eva Bodacz Including meeting and anamnese
169  CHF 52%
Valid deal Monday, 24-Oct-2022 (23:59)
Medical foot care
Your medical foot care at Evira Ayurlux – Eva Bodacz ● Depending on the offer choice including normal paint/shellac ● Complete treatment for the feet that relieves discomfort in the long term
59  CHF 51%
Valid deal Monday, 10-Oct-2022 (23:59)
Facial treatment of your choice
Your facial treatments at Evira Ayurlux - Eva Bodacz
55  CHF 50%
Valid deal Monday, 03-Oct-2022 (23:59)
Evira Ayurlux - Eva Bodacz
Seeblickstrasse 29
Tübach - St. Gallen
071 841 53 89 & 076 829 15 19
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My name is Eva Bodacz and I was born in beautiful Budapest, Hungary.

I left my country in the early 80s and went to Germany. I studied and worked in southern Germany, more precisely in Baden-Württemberg, where I worked in the cosmetic and non-medical field and felt extremely comfortable. I started professionally as a beautician, masseuse, therapist and, among other things, as a naturopath.

In the following years I continued to qualify myself in order to be able to offer the best services based on professional knowledge.

At the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg I obtained my title as a psychologist. A year later I passed my examination to become a psychological psychologist with a license to practice medicine.

After my dissertation at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, I obtained the degree of "Doctor of Natural Sciences".

In France at the University of Bordeaux "Pierre et Mari Curie", I also took an exam as part of a further training course according to Dr. Pasteur filed as Medical Aesthetist.

At the same time I dealt intensively with yoga and Ayurvedic psychology, philosophy and medicine.

In the next few years I decided to continue studying and studied Ayurveda and Yoga in India (Kerala) at the University of Santhigiri and at the State University of Thiruvananthpuram.

Through my studies, I had the great honor of gaining unique and wonderful expertise from nominated masters including Osho, Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnudevananda, Dr. To be able to acquire Sunil Joshi, Maharashi, Aurobindo, Amritanandamayi. In Germany I successfully acquired the title of “Ayurveda health advisor” at Yoga Vidya.

After my successful studies, I opened my first Ayurveda Yoga & Beauty Wellness Center in Ravensburg.

I opened two health and beauty centers in Guadeloupe (Caribbean), Prana - Energy and Evira Ayurlux, which I ran for decades.

I was once again drawn into the wide world and so I trained 245 people in Guatemala (Central America) in the «Spa Rebecana» in the areas of beauty and holism.

I've traveled to four continents in my life. From Europe to the Caribbean, as well as Asia, India, Tibet and Nepal and Africa to Central America (Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and many more).

Being able to get to know and experience different cultures and different healing methods made me a self-confident and characteristic person. My mission in life is to convey health, joy, love, harmony and happiness to people.

My mission is to win your trust and support you. Love, happiness and health are very important to us.