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Tagesseminar - Aromatherapie

St. Gallen - St. Gallen
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Children, adults and animals love the magical and fragrant world of aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy is a very versatile experience for individuals and therapists looking for alternative and natural ways to live a harmonious and healthy life. There is hardly any area of our lives where essential oils do not provide positive support.
  • Beauty care from inside and outside
  • Skin & Wound Care
  • Care for body, mind and soul
  • relieve tension and pain
  • Hormone balance for young and old
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Support for the immune system
  • healthy nutrition with essential oils
All courses are suitable for private individuals who want to maintain a healthy and natural lifestyle and for commercial masseurs, therapists or naturopaths who want to offer professional advice and treatments.

With the certificates and diplomas of our school, it is possible to work in Switzerland in your own practice and from home.

We work product independent and there is no obligation to buy products from us or to join our network!


Gentle strokes of the Lakota Indians and essential herbal oils have been successfully used all over the world to treat severe back pain.
  • against stress symptoms
  • for backache
  • hormonally balancing menopause
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The essential oils in combination with the Raindrop Technique have so far proved their worth in the treatment of ADHD & ADHD and lead to more inner peace and balance.
  • essential oils for ADS & ADHS
  • Treatment with the Raindrop Technique
  • Content & Embrocations
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Hot and cold basalt stones in combination with essential oils from the rainforest make this treatment an experience for the senses.
  • Deep relaxation
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Balance for the hormone balance
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Aromatherapy for the whole family, from toddlers to pets. Get to know the most important oils for everyday use and experience more vitality and health on a natural basis.
  • Cold, flu, viruses & bacteria
  • Skin & Wound Care
  • Oils for eating & drinking
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5. bible oils - spiritual transformation

Sacred oils known from the Bible are used for spiritual development and health promotion.
  • holy anointing on the head
  • Open Third Eye & Chronicle Chakra
  • deep spiritual awakening
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6. VITAFLEX Technology

Work with essential oils on the reflex zones on the back and feet and activate the body's self-healing powers with therapeutic oils.
  • Reflex zones back & feet
  • Vitaflex Technique
  • Aromatherapy
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Find more inner peace and mental clarity with essential oils. We work on the head, face and decollete.
  • essential oils against stress
  • Head & facial massage (rejuvenating treatment)
  • Inhalations and rubs
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Release energy blockages from the joints, body, aura and chakras. Energetic protection in everyday life & practice.
  • See & feel aura/chakra
  • laying on of hands, energy transfer
  • Aura/Chakra Balance with essential oils
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  • Voucher is also a means of payment for diploma courses
  • Certificate of attendance: Certificate
  • free short consultations (e-mail support)
  • free access to 1000 recipes (Young Living Oils)
  • 10% discount on further courses & seminars
  • CHF 20 discount voucher for treatments (St.Gallen)
  • only valid on courses in Switzerland
  • excluding aromatherapy for animals
  • Registration/cancellation 7 days before the course starts (cancellation only in case of proven illness / death)
  • we reserve the right to postpone the courses if there are not enough participants
  • the vouchers are not valid on other promotions or discounts of Aroma Academy YL
  • Buy voucher
  • contact us directly after the purchase with the voucher code
  • Select date
  • Registration (binding registration according to AGBs)
Extra charge:
  • CHF 10 "drop money" (cost of materials)
Parking spaces:
  • with costs (public parking spaces)
Cashing in info:
  • Registration exclusively via contact form on the Partner website
  • Enter voucher code at registration
  • Validity: to 06-Jun-2021
  • Only one coupon per person
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