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T-Shape is the new standard for body shaping, skin tightening and cellulite treatment.

Numerous women are affected by cellulite, regardless of whether they are young or old, slim or overweight. Every woman has tried diets, sports and creams, but mostly with little success.

In order to fight cellulite effectively, the connective tissue must be activated. The skin consists of 3 layers, cellulite occurs in the subcutaneous tissue, but creams only reach the upper layer of the skin and, at best, bring about short-term blood circulation which temporarily makes the skin appear finer.

Therefore it is important to treat cellulite where it arises

T-Shape treatment is a technology that combines three different pioneering technologies: radio frequency, low-level laser and vacuum massage

The breakthrough in T-Shape treatment is that all the essential technologies used to combat cellulite can be carried out in one device and in one treatment process

Important information about treatment

No treatment for:

  • pregnancy
  • cancer
  • Diabetes

It is recommended to have the treatment performed weekly

Laser LLT

The laser irradiates the adipose tissue and forms transistoric micropores in the cells of the adipose tissue.

It is assumed that this special cold laser makes the cell walls of the fat cells permeable and thus the cell volume can be reduced.


Radio frequency

The contact of the radio frequency energy with the tissue creates heat. The warmed dermis, which is rich in collagen, denatures and the fibrils contract and become stronger.

In response to the initial warmth, collagen is then formed, the complexion appears firm, even, fine and youthful.


Vacuum Massage

T-Shape is equipped with a vacuum-supporting technology that is combined with different dynamic impulses.

With this outstanding technology, the skin is lifted and compacted, the local blood circulation is increased and the lymphatic drainage stimulates the tissue.

It supports the activity of the fibroblasts, promotes vasodilation and distributes oxygen.

Duration per treatment: approx. 45 minutes

Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (last date at 7 p.m.) and Saturday redeemable by appointment

Appointment agreement :

  • Appointments by phone at 079 896 71 88 (mention voucher) necessary
  • No SMS or WhatsApp messages
  • Print out the voucher and hand it in at the appointment
    (order confirmation not sufficient)
  • If prevented: cancellation 24h in advance, otherwise the voucher will expire

  • Validity: to 11-Apr-2021
  • Only one coupon per person
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