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Cellulite massager AC 850



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AC 850 Cellulite Massager

There is still no magic cure for cellulite , but you can still limit the unsightly dents on your buttocks and legs. The AC 850 cellulite massager from Medisana effectively supports you in your self-massage and is particularly powerful in stimulating the tissue due to its mains operation. Cellulite is caused by an uneven distribution of fat in the subcutaneous tissue, compacted connective tissue, and poor blood circulation. This is where the AC 850 cellulite massager comes in, on the underside of which two massage rollers are used three times.

Effective for firmer skin: massage to stimulate connective tissue

The massage of the buttocks, thighs, upper arms and hips with the AC 850 activates the blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism and lymph flow. The massage can thus - carried out daily and over a longer period of time - noticeably tighten the skin and thus alleviate the unsightly effects of cellulite. You have the choice between two massage intensities: slow and fast. Decide which variant you find more comfortable or increase the intensity over time.

Handy and hygienic : Comfort on castors

After the massage, you can easily remove the massage rollers to clean them with washing-up liquid under running water. In general, the AC 850 cellulite massager is easy and comfortable to use in every respect. The individually adjustable handle contributes to this. The ergonomic design also lets the AC 850 sit comfortably in the hand.

EAN: 4015588885402
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